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If you’re looking for hardwood flooring refinishing services, you’ve come to the right place! Our team of hardwood floor installation specialists will go to work for you on any flooring project. From crafting a brand new masterful hardwood floor, or refinishing your old floor to shine, we can get it done. If you’re located in or around Prince William County, VA, then give our hardwood floor refinishing company a call to learn what our experts can do for you. Call us today if you’re ready to upgrade but are worried about the hardwood floor installation cost or refinishing cost. We’ll give you an honest idea of what you can expect on price, and discuss affordable solutions. If you need expert hardwood flooring refinishing, give us a call at (571) 224-3691.

Hardwood floors are also something of an investment, which is why you want to make sure to maintain them. Have pets or kids clomping around left deep indents or scratches? We can salvage almost any floor, and if we can’t, we’re here to help you put in a new one.

The Benefits of Professional Hardwood Floor Installation

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Hardwood floors come with plenty of upsides, such as their durability, unbeatable charm, and ease of cleaning.  For instance, they’re long-lasting and cost-effective. With hardwood floors, you don’t have to worry about stains or fading color, and you never have to steam them.

Unlike carpet, which you must periodically replace, hardwood floors will go the distance, providing functionality and beauty for years to come. Additionally, hardwood doesn’t trap dust and other allergens like carpet. If allergies such as pet dander, pollen, or other particulates plague you, then hardwood floors might be the answer you need.

And nothing beats the ease of cleaning a hardwood floor – it’s indisputable! However, you can still clean them however you like, whether you’re sweeping, mopping, or vacuuming. Think of all the free time and effort you can save!

If you’re looking for wood flooring installers in or around Prince William County, VA, give Before and After Home Improvements a call!

Get a Free Estimate on Your Hardwood
Floor Installation Cost

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Ever wonder where you can find hardwood flooring refinishing that won’t ruin your bank account? If so, Before and After Home Improvements is here to help!

Folks understandably worry about their hardwood floor installation cost. However, our expert craftsmen have a wide variety of options for products they can use, in order to help keep the cost within your budget. Expert craftsmanship and honest projections will ensure we stay well within the allotted number of work hours.

The actual overall hardwood floor installation cost will vary based on the materials used, and how much square footage is covered. Additionally, we can add a custom touch to molding, or stain the floor to any shade you can imagine. And that’s to say nothing of the durability and long-lasting nature of hardwood floors. Or that by simply installing them, you’ll increase the property value of your home. Because that can help offset the upfront cost of upgrading.

And it never hurts to give us a call, just to get an estimate. We may surprise you with what we can do on almost any budget.

Contact Before and After Home Improvements: Your Local Hardwood Flooring Company

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Wondering who employs the best wood flooring installers? Our hardwood flooring company, of course! We’ve been employing superb crews in and around Prince William County, VA since 2005. In operation for more than a decade, we’ve successfully completed hundreds of hardwood floor installation projects.

We’ve built a reputation for efficient, honest work and employ only the best talent in the business. Our carpenters and wood flooring installers will work tirelessly until your floors are shining! You almost won’t want to walk on our floors but don’t worry, you can!

Trust our professionals to bring new life back to your faded floor, or install fresh to give your home a whole new look. A nice new hardwood floor adds an extra level of luxury to your home that you and your guests will love.

If you’re looking for a hardwood installation or hardwood floor refinishing, contact us today. We’ll get started right away on the upgrade that’s right for you.


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